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Each tool has its purpose; your telematics hardware is no different.

Gear that gets the job done

When you need to perform a specific task, you need the right tool for the job. Your telematics hardware is no different.

Whether your assets are physically being driven, towed from place to place, or attached to another asset, it's critical to know their health, location and performance. Having the right device attached to each asset assures you that, no matter the situation, the data that drives your decisions is always available.

Gauge's suite of leading OEM and Gauge-built hardware ensures that the telematics device paired to your asset will withstand the conditions it operates in with the performance you need.


The XT-6300 provides equipment and fleet managers with greater control and monitoring with instant notifications. Developed by Xirgo, this device can easily be customized to suit a client’s specific needs and often reduces the need for additional external accessories.


The ultimate solution for equipment and fleet managers in need of monitoring location, speed, and DTC codes available on the OBD port of vehicles, the XT-2400 is one of the most versatile diagnostic and monitoring device for communicating important vehicle information and driver behavior.


The XT-4700 is designed for real-time GPS and usage monitoring of high value, rugged off-road assets. This unit provides a GPS map trail and tracks on/off status, so you know where your assets are, where they were, and how much they are actually used. You can also set geofence and in-tow alerts, so you are notified when items are moved. This unit is perfect for mobile gensets, dozers and general construction equipment, and any other heavy duty equipment you need to keep an eye on.


With the longest battery life in the industry, this is rugged tracking gear you can count on. When we couldn't find a tracking device that you can rely on in the most extreme conditions, we built one ourselves.


This battery-powered asset tracking device is designed for rapid deployment, extended use and reliable in-field installation. The fully-sealed, weatherproof design makes it best suited for unpowered assets in extreme and rugged environments.


The Jackhammer-RT1 hardened equipment tracker sends equipment engine hours, idle time, in-tow events, engine DTCs and more to Gauge's Smart Hub software.


The XT-4900 is perfect for trailers, and other towed or remote assets.


Go beyond a typical dash camera to stay connected, protected, and informed. The Raven RVP-RV2 is an intelligent, LTE-connected dash camera providing real-time GPS tracking and dual camera video capture capabilities in a simple-to-use, easy-to-install package. Develop transformative insights into your business vehicles and provide accountability for your drivers.


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