F.A. Wilhelm

Streamline Operations with Smart Hub

F.A. Wilhelm Construction (Wilhelm), a 96-year-old construction management company based in Indianapolis, completes a variety of projects in multiple markets, including higher education, museums, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, mixed-use, athletic, and industrial and manufacturing facilities.


Wilhelm was in search of a single solution that would allow them to manage the company’s fleet of vehicles and off-road equipment, including driver behavior and preventive maintenance.

Their Goal

Wilhelm’s goals were to streamline operations and more effectively manage assets.

Our Solution

Gauge implemented Smart Hub in full support of Wilhelm’s operations, designing reports that would help them achieve operational goals.

Measurable Results

Gauge fully implemented solutions to manage a maintenance schedule, positively impact driver behavior, and improve the asset management process so that the equipment manager could locate equipment more quickly. Dispatching has significantly improved, and knowing what equipment Wilhelm has, where it is located and when it was last used – on a daily, weekly and monthly basis – has eliminated unused equipment at sites, in addition to other expenses.

How Smart Hub Helps

Smart Hub helps Wilhelm’s equipment manager determine whether to station equipment at a remote location or drive it in for a job, adequately placing equipment on sites for the highest utilization rate.

The equipment manager now bases rental, leasing and buying decisions on data derived from Smart Hub. His “Mendoza line” is 25 hours for asset utilization. Consistent usage above this mark illustrates proper placement of equipment. Below that line suggests a deeper dive is required to determine a true need for the project. As equipment is being evaluated, with the multitude of metrics Smart Hub provides, purchasing and rental decisions for specific job sites confidently can be directed.

Smart Hub’s maintenance tracking and alerting has allowed the equipment manager to reinvent his approach to fleet maintenance. Receiving notifications when equipment maintenance is due – based on hours, mileage and time – allows him to schedule maintenance downtime without impacting jobs.



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