Work Orders

Prioritize Work With Ease

Work Smarter

At Gauge, we’re no stranger to hard work. Working smarter, though, is just as important. Work order management is critical to a smooth-running maintenance operation. Make Preventive Maintenance an achievable goal and extend the life of your equipment and fleet with word orders that work smart.

Everything in One Place

Know where your equipment is and how it is being used so you can avoid project delays, improve the safety of your worksites and extend the life of your assets. Smart Hub enables you to categorize maintenance by preventive, accident/incident or unanticipated as well as automatically submit work orders. Add owner’s manuals and equipment certifications to asset profiles for easy reference.

Maintenance History for Smarter Decision-Making

“Don’t fix it if it’s not broken” is a costly opinion. Instead, learn the total replacement asset value to better gauge your fleet replacement strategy. It’s easy when you have access to maintenance histories. Alerts remind you when it’s time to perform inspections and regular services. All roads lead to smarter fleet aging and buying decisions.  

Take the Guesswork out of Maintenance

The Smart Hub tells you how often your equipment is being used, number of miles or hours, days used, and service tasks required. Having this data in hand allows you to schedule maintenance when it’s due rather than guessing or taking a chance of unnecessary equipment malfunctions due to lack of service. 

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