We’ve been on a mission to measure the things that matter most to customers since 2009.


Like many great stories, ours starts with a desire to do things better.

From an early age, Mike had a knack for electronics and mechanical things, taking apart and reassembling a radio by the time he was 5 years old. He began a career working to bring technology into people’s lives. First it was mobile electronics, then it was cellular communications, then it blossomed into something even bigger.

During an AEMP meeting in Oklahoma City, it became clear to Mike that contractors needed a more comprehensive solution to manage all of their assets regardless of where the data was coming from. At that moment, the vision of Gauge was crystallized.


In 2009, Mike decided to go ‘all-in’ on his dream, breaking new ground and founding Gauge Telematics. His Midwestern values inspired his approach to Gauge’s early years of doing business with hard-working construction professionals. He committed himself to approaching each customer as a partner to implement and support the solutions they needed to succeed in their specialty.

From day one, Gauge’s mission was to find a straighter path to operational efficiency for fleet owners. While telematics presented new opportunities, it only represented part of the equation. Gauge ventured to solve this dilemma by bringing on mechanical and electrical engineers that brought innovative solutions to fleet managers looking to consolidate processes not typically associated with telematics applications.


As Gauge celebrated its 10-year anniversary, it was clear that the early vision of the company had indeed become a reality. Our approach to align ourselves with our customers’ goals was a formula for success that was translating into loyal long-term customers that valued our approach to doing business. As the company grew, the industry evolved as well. With market consolidation, competitors commoditizing their products placed little to no emphasis on customer service.  This situation, both good and bad, put Gauge in a position where many companies view all telematics providers the same way. Fortunately, Gauge’s commitment to customers and innovative products have given the company an edge to differentiate where it counts the most.


Looking ahead, Gauge is poised to leverage our industry and technical expertise to continue to add value to our existing offerings. Our plan is to leverage integration opportunities, focus on underserved markets and assets (like tools and small equipment), and empower contractors and fleet owners with actionable data to become more efficient and profitable. As we grow, we are fully committed to always providing the best customer service and support in the industry, just as we have for the first 10 years of our history.

We invite you to become a trusted partner with us and enjoy the individualized attention we give to all our customers regardless of size. We want to help you measure what matters!

  • 2009

    Gauge Telematics founded by Mike Paredes 

  • 2011

    Smart Hub 1.0 is released 

  • 2013

    Gauge was awarded Joint Transportation Research Program grant to assist Indiana Department of Transportation with Road Striping utilization project.

  • 2015

    Won contract with the Indiana Department of Administration

  • 2015

    Moved operations to Gasoline Alley

  • 2016

    Exceeded 30 employees

  • 2016

    Won Miller Pipeline Contract for full fleet roll out.

  • 2018

    Gauge Telematics adopts Gauge as its name to reflect a broader vision 

  • 2019

    Secured Series A funding with Heritage Group Ventures

  • 2021

    Gauge adopts new tagline: Measure What Matters and launches an innovation center called Gauge Garage


Gauge is with you for the long haul


To be a valuable partner by tailoring our technologies to your unique problems and helping you dramatically improve your equipment fleet operations.


To make it easier for companies to effectively manage their equipment fleet operations as they continue to scale their business and assets.  


You will have greater control of your assets and realize financial impact within the first year.  


We believe measuring what matters most leads to amazing business performance. Team culture fuels our passion for helping customers win.

Trust the people you run with.

Always and every day.

Exceed expectations every chance you get.

We never want to miss a chance to deliver value, from small interactions to big deliverables.

Deliver value without hesitation.

Even if it’s just an extra check-in call on a Friday afternoon, this is the small town touch we bring to the table.

Always be intellectually curious.

We’re lifelong learners. This is how we all get better at what we do.

Relentlessly pursue success.

We help customers win in every way possible.


Measure more of what matters with regular Gauge tips and expert advice.