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Get ready to stand out

Get ready to stand out

Construction takes place in the field, not in the office. That’s why you need a system that can be accessed remotely so you can  have access to  information no matter where you are. With Smart Hub Mobile, you can use any mobile device to access  much of the same data that our web-based Smart Hub Platform offers  including: 

  • Ability to locate any asset
  • Ability to get hour-meter and odometer readings for any asset 
  • Ability to Complete condition assessments
  • Ability to add GPS location stamp to  any asset
  • Ability to  update meter readings 
  • Ability to get turn-by-turn navigation  to assets
  • Ability to access preventative maintenance schedules and open work orders 

With Smart Hub Mobile, your team members can perform their job functions from anywhere at any time. 


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