Track your assets 24/7.

Power-Up Answers with GPS Technology

We’ve perfected GPS technology as part of our extensive lineup of Gauge Gear. 

We can track of all your assets digitally – from light-duty vehicles and non-powered job support equipment such as air compressors and light towers to large cranes and excavators, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether your assets operate in remote areas of the country, underground or in tight metropolitan areas, we use the latest 4G technology and satellite communication to give you accurate and timely data at any given moment.

Reliable, Easy Digital Asset Tracking

GPS tracking is a surefire way for theft prevention and asset recovery. Track your most valuable equipment in real-time.

No More Manual Tracking

GPS tracking is seamless. Know where all your assets are, all the time – without the need for spreadsheets or calling drivers.

See Usage Patterns, Idle Time and Driver Availability

Get instant access to the location of on-road and off-road assets, trailers and equipment, and idle time. Dispatchers can easily spot the nearest driver to a job site. 

Alerts and Notifications Mean Less Stress

When there’s unauthorized movement, managers receive notifications on their mobile devices by text message or email. Go deeper by clicking hotlinks to more in-depth information.

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