Control costs and optimize resources with the power of RFID technology.

Tag. Measure. Optimize.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology uses radio waves to transfer information. While GPS uses batteries for energy, RFID uses no to low-energy tags for asset location tracking through a chain of custody. Easily track an item as it goes through a workflow process, hitting various milestones or scan points along the way.

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See Usage Patterns and Idle Time

Get instant access as to the location of on-road and off-road assets, trailers and equipment, and idle time. Identifying usage patterns allows you to save money – and gives you a clear opportunity to change the game.

Asset Tracking for Smarter Decision-Making

Put your fleet replacement strategy into play. Get instant access to on-road and off-road assets, trailers and equipment, and maintenance history for smarter fleet aging and buying decisions. Set alerts for regular inspections and services.

Alerts and Notifications Mean Less Stress

Receive notifications by text message or email when there’s unauthorized movement. Using customized alerts, get real-time prompts from devices. Go deeper by clicking hotlinks to more in-depth information.

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