Driver Scorecard

Inspire outstanding driver behavior with educative feedback.

Empower Drivers to Bring Their Best

According to data from Automotive Fleet, a fleet management publication, over 20% of all fleet vehicles in the U.S. are in accidents each year. Here’s the thing: The majority of these accidents are related to preventable driver behaviors. Driver behavior monitoring provides real-time, unbiased driver feedback that is actionable. Driver Scorecards provide educative feedback while curbing risky behaviors. Problem solved. Progress ignited.

Because Safety is Priority One

Constructive feedback is a pathway to improvement. The first step? Measure driver behavior. Driver Scorecards makes targeted, relevant driver education part of your operational excellence. Many Gauge customers see a decline in accidents and claims using this feature. More importantly, you are being proactive in protecting your most valuable asset: your team.

Prioritize Safety

Gauge’s Smart Hub Driver Scorecard tracking is great for supporting employee safety incentive programs, giving owners accurate metrics to evaluate and reward.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Measure more and save money in the form of discounts from your insurance firms. Driver data enables insurance companies to build risk assessments and reduce insurance premiums.

Quality is in the Details

Smart Hub’s Driver Scorecard monitors speeding, excessive idling – and scores drivers on event categories like: hard acceleration or braking and taking corners too quickly. Alerts notifies management and the driver of unsafe behavior.

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