Raise your level of excellence, one inspection at a time.

Safety and Compliance, Simplified

The Gauge team is a stone’s throw from the largest sports venue in the world: the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Cars circling this prestigious track represent some of the most powerful machines and expert drivers in sports. 

Inspections ensuring safety and compliance are as important to these higher performers as they are for your fleet and equipment. Remove doubt. Eliminate downtime. And create a culture of excellence with regular inspection alerts, automatic work orders and rapid response to issues.

Never Underestimate the Value of Confidence

Smart Hub takes the burden of paperwork off of the driver. Regular inspections are as easy as pulling out your phone or tablet. Records are stored in the cloud and accessible 24/7.

Improved Driver Behavior

Making it easier to comply with federal regulations and guidelines increases driver safety and reduces the number of fines from infractions.

Regular Inspections Fuel Faster Resolution to Problems

Waiting until there’s a problem is almost always too late. With regular inspections, you’ll be aware of problems and resolutions faster.

More Safety, More Uptime

Inspection best practices keep drivers safe and reduces the chance of unnecessary equipment malfunctions due to lack of service.

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