International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Compliance

Simplify reporting, eliminate errors and never miss another IFTA deadline again.

Because You Don’t Have Time for Audits

IFTA reporting can be a thorn in your side if you’re managing large fleets. When life gets busy, process and procedures are tempting to skip. Then, when the reporting deadline hits, you’re scrambling to patch together information from paper receipts or spotty spreadsheets.

Gauge solves this problem by simplifying IFTA fuel tax reporting. Capture information in the moment using Gauge Gear GPS devices installed on vehicles. The upshot: Shift the focus for drivers from filling out paperwork to focusing on the task at hand.

Create Consistent, Repeatable Success

There are many challenges you face with IFTA reporting: forgetting to submit reports, incorrect fuel calculations, incorrect GPS readings, lack of documentation, cloudy reporting mixed with personal mileage, non-compliant software and inaccurate reporting of miles. The old way of doing things is best left in the past. With Gauge by your side, your IFTA reporting problems are over.

Track Your Fuel Data - All in One Place

Take charge of your IFTA reporting and eliminate obstacles that hold fleets back from scaling, delivering quality work, maximizing driver time and achieving better performance.

Refunds and Tax Credits

IFTA reporting tasks are tracked as they occur – which frees up time to focus on the job at hand.

Smart Hub is IFTA-Compliant

Get customized software and on-asset gear – so you are 100% assured our solution is IFTA-compliant, calculation methods are correct and tracking is accurate.

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