Alerts Notifications

Knowing what is happening when is critical to running your business.

When Being Ahead of the Curve Matters

With as busy as your days can be, staying on top of the latest information from multiple job sites or locations can be a challenge. Miss an important piece of information, and productivity for an entire day can be lost, an asset could be irreparably damaged, or a piece of equipment may "walk" away from the job.

Alerts Notifications support you and your team so they know what is happening and when. 

Benefits of Alerts Notifications

Right Information at the Right Time

Alerts allow you to know where your assets are and how they are moving so your team can make smart decisions on what to do, when.

Improved Theft Prevention Efforts

When you know an asset is moving when it shouldn't be, you can take instant action by contacting security or the police for support.

Better Connection to the Job Site

Stay connected to the job site, whether in the office, on the go, or at home. Alerts and notifications keep you in the know so you can be as productive as possible.

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