Managing a complex mix of vehicles, equipment and jobsite tools just got easier.


Your needs go beyond allocating and dispatching equipment to a project. You want to measure and improve business performance, identify operational gaps, have insight on usage activity and know what inventory is on hand.

Reliance on real-time and historical reports helps you solve problems quickly and efficiently. Because you know where your assets are, where they’ve been deployed, how they are being used and what the asset demands are for each project, you can plan ahead and make informed business decisions or adjust on the fly for last-minute schedule changes.

Knowledge combined with wisdom gives your team powerful insights to make smart, strategic decisions quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Reporting

Access to All Your Information

Reporting provides visibility into all aspects of your operations - driver behavior, asset usage, and preventative maintenance. It's the deep dive into your business you need to make decisions that matter most.

Spot Operational Gaps

Check equipment availability, location, usage and other key metrics such as load counts and excessive idle time to make sure assets are where they should be and working as they should be.

Know Your Money Makers

Usage reports show the levels of productivity for your assets on a project-by-project basis, making sure you’re getting the most from each asset and helping to avoid the costly mistakes of excessive rentals due to hoarding and underutilized equipment.

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